ACS RDF Symposium, Boston, August 2010

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The meeting was held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from 2010-08-22 to 2010-08-23.

What you need to know

The symposium used the tag acsrdf2010. You can check these channels to get coverage of the meeting:

Postmeeting discussions can be held at this mailing list.

Thematic Series

At least six presentations will also be presented in a Thematic Series in the Journal of Cheminformatics. More details and a encouragement to submit can be found in this blog post. The submission deadline was at the end of November 2010, and the series is expected to come online in May 2011. The editorial can be found at doi:10.1186/1758-2946-3-15.


Presentations are 25 minutes + 5 minutes for questions, except for the first presentation, which will have an additional 20 minutes which the speaker is kindly invited to use to set the theme of the session and to take a bit more time to explain the core concepts.

CINF003: RDF and Computation

Sunday, 8:45-11:55
Wordle for CINF003

Time Speaker Title
8:45 Chair Introduction
8:55 Leonid Chepelev Semantic envelopment of cheminformatics resources with SADI Abstract
9:40 Nina Jeliazkova RESTful RDF Web Services for Predictive Toxicology Abstract PDF
10:10 Intermission
10:25 Egon Willighagen Linking the Resource Description Framework to Cheminformatics and Proteochemometrics Abstract PDF
10:55 Adrian Paschke Chemical e−Science Information Cloud (ChemCloud): A Semantic Web based eScience infrastructure Abstract PDF
11:25 Anay Tamhankar Use of semantic web services to access small molecule ligand database Abstract
11:55 End

CINF0031: RDF and Ontologies

Monday, 8:20-11:30
Wordle for CINF031

Time Speaker Title
8:20 Chair Introduction
8:30 Jeremy Frey Using the oreChemexperiments ontology: Planing and enacting chemistry Abstract PPTX
9:15 Leonid Chepelev CHEMINF: Community−developed ontology of chemical information and algorithms Abstract
9:45 Intermission
10:00 Leonid Chepelev Chemical Entity Semantic Specification: Knowledge representation for efficient semantic cheminformatics and facile data integration Abstract
10:30 Christopher Baker Semantic Assistant for Lipidomics Researchers Abstract PDF
11:00 Lezan Hawizy ChemicalTagger: A Tool for Semantic Text−Mining in Chemistry Abstract
11:30 End

CINF0032: RDF and Chemical Applications

Monday, 13:05-16:15
Wordle for CINF032

Time Speaker Title
13:05 Chair Introduction
13:15 Eric Prud'hommeaux Overview of the linking open drug data task Abstract HTML
14:00 Jeremy Frey Control, monitoring, analysis and dissemination of laboratory physical chemistry experiments using semantic web and broker technologies Abstract
14:30 Intermission
14:45 Dave Jessop Semantic Analysis of Chemical Patents Abstract PDF
15:15 David Wild Data mining and querying of integrated chemical and biological information using Chem2Bio2RDF Abstract PDF
15:45 Qian Zhu Mining and visualizing chemical compound−specific Chemical−Gene/Disease/Pathway/Literature relationships Abstract PDF
16:45 End


Egon Willighagen, Martin Braendle, and Rajarshi Guha.

More RDFa?

As you might have noted, this page is using RDFa to make the content machine readable. But, much content is not annotated yet. Use pyRdfa to extract the current RDFa. Speakers are kindly invited use RDFa to make there abstracts machine readable. Just fork this GitHub repository (as explained here), and send me a pull request.